Help Us Learn - Home a complete self-paced training program for preparing parents, educators, students, teachers, therapists, service providers, friends & family to use Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) programs to work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, PDD, & other developmental delays.

Help Us Learn is designed to teach the foundations of ABA, so readers will be able to understand, run, and manage a home or school program. Early intervention is so important - the sooner you start an ABA program the better. Now, you don't have to wait months and pay a great deal of money to attend a seminar by a Psychologist. You can start to train yourself or your team now. And, you'll have the complete training seminar in a binder for future reference. This is the program I wish that I had when I was starting out!

What is ABA?

ABA' stands for Applied Behaviour Analysis, and it is a methodology from behavioural psychology which has been adapted and applied to teaching children with autism. It is also referred to as "Intensive Behavioral Intervention" (IBI).
It is based on the principles of positive reinforcement, graduated prompting, repetition and teaching tasks in very small, discrete steps. The program is often done at home, using students and other part-time workers as teachers. Studies show that children receiving behavioural intervention generally achieve significant gains. Click here to find out more about ABA.

The creation of this program began with a personal need…

As the parent of a son with ASD, I managed a home-based ABA program for 5 years.
During that time I've hired and trained many workers, and I was frustrated with both the length of time it took to get them trained and up to speed, and also with the gaps and misunderstandings in their knowledge, which of course impacted on their work with my son.

Since I had spent many 'pre-children' years in the corporate training and development field, designing and teaching courses for adults, it seemed to me to be a natural solution to design a self paced training program that I could use to train my son's workers/therapists.

I then found that my training program had a broad usefulness with so many other people who were a part of my son's life – family, friends, teachers, the school principal, our nanny, babysitters, summer camp counselors…who wanted – or needed – to understand what we were doing so they could support the goals and principles of our home program. It made a difference in how they interacted with my son, and how they supported my family.

This is the program that I wish I'd had when I was starting my son's ABA program. I believe that there are lots of people like me 'out there', who would find this useful, so with the encouragement of friends, I decided to make it available to others parents, teachers, and workers.

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