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I found lots of books and web sites that were great at providing curriculum, but what I wanted was the book before the curriculum – the one that told me how to set everything up and train my workers in ABA concepts and techniques. I couldn't find it, so I wrote it.
I wanted to create a program that worked for two kinds of people. Those with no prior knowledge of ABA, or no consultant, can use this to get their program up and running. Those who are already doing a program, perhaps with the help of a consultant, can use this as part of their ongoing training of workers, teachers, family, friends, camp counselors, etc..
 I named the training program 'Help Us Learn' because I feel that everyone who comes into contact with our children has an opportunity to do just that – our children need more than just 'therapy-in-the-basement' to be successful.
I designed this program with three parts:

Part 1 - Training Manual (left)
The Training Manual is designed for the people who will be working or interacting directly with your child. It is a stand-alone, self-paced study program with a combination of information and exercises designed to provide a solid understanding of ABA-style teaching. It takes about two days to work through, and presents the information in a logical, progressive, easy to read style, using lots of examples, written exercises, self tests, role plays, and observation.

Part 2 - Program Manager's Guide (right)
The Program manager's Guide is designed to be used by the parent, team-leader, or coordinator - whoever will be managing an ABA program and hiring, training and supervising a team of ABA teachers. It contains a 12 Step Implementation Plan for setting up and managing an ABA program; the Answer Key to the exercises in the Training Manual; forms to assist with the hiring process; program management forms; and team management forms.

Part 3 - Forms Disk
This Disk provides all of the forms in Word format so that you can modify and print them for your own use. I would have loved to get my hands on something like this years ago!

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