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New Teaching Tool for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders Empowers Parents, Educators
Toronto, Ontario – January 15, 2001 – The most widely used teaching methodology for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders is now available as a self-paced learning program. Help Us Learn has been developed to teach parents, educators, therapists, service providers, family and friends how to use Applied Behavior Analysis (‘ABA’) to teach their children. ABA is a teaching methodology based on the Behavioral Psychology principles of positive reinforcement, graduated prompting, repetition and teaching tasks in very small (discrete) steps. The program is often done at home, using students and other part-time workers as teachers. Studies show that children receiving behavioral intervention generally achieve significant gains.

Parents who have children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) are often faced with long wait lists for programs and services, or prohibitively expensive costs for consultants in order to get a home or school-based education program up and running. Some families live in locations that don’t have access to any services at all. Because early intervention is so critical, Help Us Learn provides parents and teachers with the information and training that they need to understand ABA, set up, run and manage a program right away.

Help Us Learn works with any curriculum and can be applied to any age group.

The program was developed by Kathy Lear, a mother of a child with PDD who has a background in Adult Training & Education, to address the need for an affordable, effective and efficient way to train ABA teachers. It is designed for families and educators who don’t have access to an ABA Consultant or Psychologist, can’t afford one or don’t want to wait to get started; and for families and educators who are currently running an ABA program and need to train new ABA teachers. "This is the program that I wish I had when we were starting out. I couldn’t find it, so I developed it" says Kathy Lear.

The three-piece Help Us Learn Program includes:

  • The Training Manual - designed for the people who will be working directly with the child. It is a self-paced program with a combination of information, exercises, case studies and role-plays designed to provide a solid understanding of the ABA teaching methodology. Ten chapters cover: Overview, Behavior, Reinforcement, Prompts, Sd & Response, Role Play, Data Management & Analysis, Behavioral Techniques, How to Set Up & Run a Photographic Activity Schedule, and a Final Quiz.
  • The Program Manager’s Guide - designed to be used by the parent, team-leader or coordinator – whoever will be hiring, training and supervising a team of ABA teachers. It contains a 12-step Program Implementation Plan, the Answer Key to the exercises in the Training Manual, forms to assist with the hiring process, and a comprehensive assortment of program management forms and team management forms.
  • The Forms Disk - contains all of the hiring forms, program management forms and team management forms. These can be altered to suit the needs of each particular program or printed as-is.

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"If we train the teachers better, they can teach the children better"

Kathy Lear
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