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Help Us Learn Workshop:
How to Set Up and Manage Your Own In-Home ABA /IBI Program
Presented by: Kathy Lear

This workshop is designed for parents who are considering, planning or currently running an ABA (Applied Behaviour analysis) –based in-home program. This will be especially of interest to people who are wait-listed for services. This hands-on, practical workshop provides parents with the necessary tools, knowledge, management forms and confidence to run their own program. In this workshop parents will learn how to:

  • Design a learning curriculum
  • Write individual programs for their child
  • Record and interpret lesson data
  • Generalize learning in the natural environment
  • Plan for program implementation (materials, schedules, space requirements)
  • How to recruit, hire and train a team of home workers
  • Gain a general understanding of Verbal Behaviour principles and the Photographic Activity Schedule methodology (variations on “traditional ABA”)

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