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What are people saying about Help Us Learn?

Lynn Gray, Parent , Halifax, Nova Scotia: “When my son was diagnosed with autism I was in shock. When I was told how long I would have to wait for public services, I was devastated. With so much research showing ABA to be the best outcome teaching strategy for children with autism, I knew that was the direction we had to go. I was at a loss as to how to implement such a complex intervention program on my own. Living in Halifax presented limited access to professionals advocating and/or using this intensive method of treatment. The Help Us Learn program offered clear, concise and well organized information on every step necessary to get my son’s therapy underway. I was able to contact the HUL head office and get answers to questions quickly and efficiently. Kathy’s passionate approach to helping us learn has empowered me to be one hundred percent involved in my son’s intervention. My dedication and motivation to help my son reach his true potential has been made possible with the Help Us Learn system. It is a wonderful program for which I am truly thankful."

K. Messler, Special Education Teacher, Red Bluff, California: “I just received my training packet and I LOVE it!!! It is extremely well done, readable by lay people and thorough.”

Liz Cohen, Parent, Thornhill, Ontario: “We had a home program in place for three years before we purchased the ‘Help Us Learn’ kit. Although we did the best we could, records were not great, training was haphazard and I had paper everywhere! My favorite part about HUL (other than the fact that its helped me get organized) is the disk with all the forms and samples ad etc. on it. I LOVE THIS FEATURE!!! It will save me so much time. Thanks so much for giving us help in a place we really need it!”

Lynda Beedham, V.P., York Region Chapter ASO: “You have done a phenomenal job, and I wish that I had this type of resource 18 years ago for my son. We know that with your program we can have an immediate positive direct impact on the lives of hundreds of families.”

Anne Cummings, Behavioral Consultant,University of Western Michigan, and Director, BEAM, Behavioral Education and AutismManagement: “This is the best staff training system I have encountered to augment a behavioral consultant’s role.”

Autism Society Ontario: “The program you developed is one of those choices that every parent of a young child with autism should know about.”

Pam Collins, Autism Society of B.C.: “It might cost $99 but it should be 9 million! I pattern my whole program after Kathy’s program”

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